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Miss Erica started keeping track of losers early on.  Scraps of paper with quick scribble notes as to why the "loser" designation and induction into The Loser List was being given to that particular individual.  Some examples might be perhaps a "no show" for an appointment or late; no telephone confirmation calls; excessive telephoning or repeatedly phoning and asking the same stupid questions and annoying Her and of course rudeness; hanging up on Her.

There were times She was extremely displeased with someone's behavior or manners and She would advise them, "you and your phone number have just been reported to The Loser List and now everyone's going to know who you are and what a loser you are".  Of course as much as She would like to divulge the personal personal info She has on each loser, She will not do so.  That info is for Her eyes only, but the "whys" are for Dominant Females world wide to laugh about.   

In 2009, She formally compiled this private information into an organized List and named it The Loser List.  She started spreading the word about The Loser List to other Dominant Females and everyone agreed it was a worthy list and should be opened up and developed for losers and Dominant Females everywhere to have access too.  And, admitting one's loser status can be liberating and invigorating; no more hiding or pretending. 

The reasons are endless as to why you might be given a loser status.  Be truthful.  Don't just tell us what you think us Dominant Females want to hear.  Be honest.  We already know you're a loser without even hearing your story.  So tell us, who designated you as a "loser"?  Owner/Wife? Girlfriend?  Mistress?  Other Dominant Female?   or are you just admiting it because you know in heart you are a loser?  :)

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Steven P, Georgia said:   June 4, 2014 2:12 pm PST
I am afraid to face the fact I really am a sissy and wannabe service slut. I keep pretending I'm a real man, but all I can think about and do is wear nasty sexy clothes and suck on dildos. I'm a pathetic little sissy slut.

Ted C said:   April 25, 2014 8:31 pm PST
I am a loser. I deserve to be included in Miss Erica's Loser List because: I have been your sissy for a very long time. I have been a true cuckold for couples and have been caught in full dress in public. You have even outed me to my own mother (I think). Sissy Crystal, Chesapeake, VA.

Victor D., Pittsburgh, PA said:   April 20, 2014 8:31 pm PST
BIG loser. He has called many times wants info but never schedules an appt. Then calls again and acts like he has never talked with Me before and asks the same stupid questions; like I won't know it's him, not to mention the caller ID. I say "Vic, we have talked before, you are still a loser and a waste of time". He goes "oh yeah" and then doesn't say anything more and I hang up on him. Then a couple months later, he calls again and does the same thing again. He is beyond pathetic.

George C. aka melanie, Ohio said:   April 20, 2014 8:28 pm PST
Pathetic cuckold sissy who can't service his owner or Her lovers properly. His owner/wife is so disgusted with him, She arranged for him to visit with Me for training and punishments. The pathetic sissy didn't show up for his training with Me and then tried to lie about it to Her. What a pathetic excuse for a sissy cuckold.

Curtis F., Arizona said:   April 20, 2014 8:25 pm PST
He calls and leaves friendly messages saying we have talked before. Also uses other names. He requests I call him back to engage in a 15-20 minute phone visit. I return his call; he acts stupid and rude and doesn't want to talk and hangs up. What a loser idiot!

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