Loser List Request Form

Miss Erica, I am a loser!  Please include me in Your Loser List.

Once your $12.00 Loser Listing Fee is paid, you have 14 days to submit your completed Request Form.  If your Request Form expires, you must complete and submit another Request Form along with another $12.00 Loser Listing Tribute.  Got it?  Your submission and pathetic story will be reviewed and added to Miss Erica's Loser List.  You will then be "outed" to all of Cyberland and Dominant Females everywhere will be laughing at you.

By submitting this Request Form, you understand and agree to the following:

Disclaimer:  Miss Erica Kent reserves the right to reject any submission She deems inappropriate and/or unacceptable for any reason.  She further reserves the right to modify and/or delete any portion of any submission She deems inappropriate and/or unacceptable in order to deem that entry appropriate and/or acceptable by Her guidelines.  Miss Erica Kent may discontinue publishing and/or accepting submissions to Her Loser List at anytime and/or for any reason and without any notice to anyone, whether listed or not.

NO refunds of Loser Listing Fees for any reason. 

Click here to pay Loser Listing Fee.

  Then complete & submit The Loser List Request Form below:

  If you do not hear from Me within a few days, send an email to inquire about the status of your Request Form.

  Loser Listing Request Form

First Name & First Letter of Last Name:  (i.e John S)
Sissy Name or Femme Name or Cuckold Name or Slave Name:
Who Designated You a Loser? (i.e Owner/Wife/Girlfriend/You)
City: (Optional)
Email:    (will not be included in listing)
I am a loser and deserve to be included in The Loser List because:

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